Top 4 Best Online Slots Wins

Is there a person who doesn’t like to win money, especially if anything difficult should be done? To inspire you to make mr spin slots quick hits, we are sharing the top largest and most interesting slot wins with you! Most of these winnings were received in the United States where 57% of the local population regularly visit casinos. Are you ready for quick hits free online slots?

1. Over 1,000 Years of Work as a Waitress or One Trip to the Casino

Cynthia Jay worked as a waitress in Las Vegas. On January 29, 2000, she decided to relax in a casino after a long working day. She was not going to play big – the girl had only $27 in her pocket. Despite this fact, Cynthia ventured to play The One-Armed Bandit. The young woman was losing and was already thinking of leaving the casino when suddenly there was a loud sound informing the whole casino about winning the jackpot.

The girl was very lucky – the slot machine she played was the part of a single Megabucks system. This system deducted the percentage of all money lost on a variety of other slot machines, which in total amounted to an incredible jackpot of 34 million 959 thousand 458 dollars. This is how Cynthia Jay became the owner of the largest at that time winnings in slot machines in the world. To earn such an amount as a waitress, she would need to work 1,165 years. But quick hits online slots made it easier for here.

2. My Best Present

Cute elderly American Johan Hoyndl decided to celebrate her 74th birthday in Las Vegas on May 27, 2002. She went around several casinos and has accidentally chosen a slot machine at the Bailey’s, where she won $22.6 million after the first game. The winnings in the same Megabucks system have been accumulating since the time when the already familiar waitress Cynthia won the One-Armed Bandit.

3. Unexpected Turn

In March 2003, Cynthia’s record was finally beaten by a 25-year-old Los Angeles programmer who, for security reasons, decided to remain incognito. The young man did not know what to do before the start of the basketball game and decided to bet with a couple of coins in the slot machine. The lucky man at first thought to have lost in the game and was about to leave a casino. However, he was stopped by casino workers, who explained to him that he had just won about $40 million. That’s an impressive win cash online slots.

4. Millionaire on the Couch

Online casinos are highly visited. And there are some record holders as well. The largest win in the history of online casinos was 17.8 million euros! The 40-year-old Finnish man from Helsinki won the record jackpot on online slot machines. He didn’t even think of breaking any jackpots! It was the usual day for him; he played out of habit, slowly, at a rate of only 25 cents bet online slots. And in just half an hour lying on the couch, the player became a millionaire!